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Fregnacce alla sabinese

The “fregnacce”, or maltagliati in the rest of Italy, are in a fresh pasta cut irregularly that have an almost rhomboid and floury shape. Cicero is the first to mention this special pasta but they were already known in Magna Graecia and in Etruria: a simple dough, as the popular tradition requires: water, flour and so much passion handed down from hand to hand. Typical is the Sabino condiment, a very tasty thick and spicy sauce where the main ingredient is a particular type of black olive with a bitter aftertaste.

Stringozzo talocciano al ragu’

A tradition closely linked to Fara in Sabina, in the fraction of Talocci, a special pasta, thick and unique in size. A square fettuccine? A narrow maltagliate? The stringozzo cannot be assimilated to any other cut of the known pasta. Water and flour immediately recognizable for the square cut that recalls that of leather strings that were once used as shoe laces. Seasoned with a ragu sauce (often boar) it remains a “must” of traditional Sabine cuisine.



La Matriciana è un condimento per la pasta, che ha preso nome da Amatrice il suo paese d’origine. Furono i pastori che con gli spostamenti della transumanza verso le campagne romana, diffusero questa ricetta nella Capitale.


La ricetta chiamata matriciana e non amatriciana, come da testimonianze, in quanto gli abitanti di Amatrice usavano chiamarsi “ Matriciani ”, senza la A di conseguenza anche la famosa pasta veniva chiamata “ Matriciana ”, col tempo per un fenomeno linguistico è diventata amatriciana. L’amatriciana nasce originariamente con il condimento in bianco e solo alla fine del 1700, con l’avvento del pomodoro, il piatto è preparato con gli stessi ingredienti più l’aggiunta del pomodoro. Erroneamente alcuni attribuiscono l’Amatriciana alla cucina Romana, ma invece furono i pastori che con gli spostamenti della transumanza verso le campagne romana, diffusero questa ricetta nella Capitale.


The recipe of spaghetti alla carbonara is one of the most well-known as well as of the most discussed in Roman cuisine. It is a poor first course in terms of ingredients, common and easily available, but rich in taste. From the controversial origin, the original Roman recipe of spaghetti alla carbonara involves the use of eggs (fresh), bacon and grated pecorino romano. As with all dishes of Italian gastronomic tradition, however, there are several variations – not always well received by purists – such as pasta carbonara with cream, with onion or with pancetta. One thing, however, is certain: the most common pasta format is spaghetti, although it is not uncommon to find excellent carbonara pasta dishes in which short pasta such as rigatoni or penne is used.

Fried pizza

Fried pizza is a typical product of the entire province of Rieti. Tasted in the company becomes the “queen” in most of the popular festivals of the territory. The main ingredients are soft wheat flour, natural yeast, water and salt. But every village has its own secret recipe …